Best ‘Idol’ audition so far


It was the American Idol performance that brought Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey to their feet to applaud. Nicki Minaj didn’t struggle out of her chair but she did humbly allow, "I’m not even worthy to critique you.” She was also moved to remark “I want to skin you and wear you”.

What? That’s a little too Silence of the Lambs for our taste.

But Candice Glover certainly lit it up in last night’s auditions from Charlotte. Her a cappella version of “Syrup and Honey” was a churchy as Mahalia Jackson.

Close Idolators may remember Glover. She made it through the first round last season and then was bounced in Las Vegas after a memorable threesome with Jessica Sanchez and Deandre Brackensick. You take a look at that performance and see if you think she got shafted last year.

You can’t say the judges aren’t on her side this year. What’s amusing about the judges’ comments (Keith Urban once again had a prior commitment) is that while Carey and Minaj were praising Glover and her talent, Randy used the occasion to extol American Idol. Where’d that come from, dawg?




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