An ugly death for Charlie on 'Two and a Half Men'

Charlie learns the hard way: You don't cheat on Rose




Looks like it won’t be an open casket at Charlie’s funeral on Two and a Half Men.


TMZ is reporting that the Charlie Sheen’s character is virtually obliterated in the September season opener. Gee, do you think this could be wishful thinking for Chuck Lorre, the sitcom’s creator who has had a running war of words with his former star?


Spoiler alert: If you don’t want to learn details of Charlie Harper’s demise, stop reading NOW.


Anyone left? OK, sources at last night’s taping of the season opener told TMZ that the suspicious circumstances of Charlie’s death are revealed anecdotally.


As you may recall, in Sheen’s last episode (seems like a long time ago now) , he flew to Paris with his ditzy stalker, Rose. Apparently she returns alone.


Here’s the deal: Charlie makes the mistake of cheating on his unhinged companion. And as a result, the very next day there is an, ummm, accident on the Metro. You’ve heard of throwing someone under the bus? Well, it’s like that. Only far more nasty.


Rest in pieces, Charlie.





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