'America’s Got Talent': All fall down


It was Wild Card night on America’s Got Talent and the judges got to bring back a dozen acts they felt should get a second choice. (And yes, that included another taste of Andrew De Leon, the spooky soprano opera singer with the Marilyn Manson makeup kit.)

Howie Mandel chose to return Cristin Sandu and his amazing teeter totter balancing act. You remember Cristin? Here was his crash in the quarterfinals.


Personally I feel he should win the $1 million just for being able to stand up on top of that crazy Jenga pile he’s created. But last night, he brought the impossible feat back. And this time he added a new element: a ring of flames. Oh, why not? Ready when you are, Cristin.

So close! We’ll see which act the viewers voted through tonight



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