'American Idol' ratings plunge

Idol in Savannah: More auditioners than viewers?


Fox’s singing juggernaut, American idol , returned for the start of its 11th season last night with auditions in Savannah, GA. Maybe you weren’t aware. The ratings for TV’s most popular show saw their biggest year-to-year dip ever.

The series notched a 7.2 rating in the adult (18-49) demographic. That’s a 27% drop from 2011. Ouch! Overall viewership for the two-hour roll-out was 21.6 million. Not bad, but still down 18% from last year’s kickoff.

OK, there are a couple of factors to be taken into account. Last January was our first look at Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez as Idol judges so the curiosity factor was high. And with the advent of The Voice, The X Factor and other singing competitions, Idol has far more competition that it ever did before.

And finally there’s simply the aging process. TV shows age in dog years and 11 seasons is getting up there.

What about you? Are you waiting for the Top 12 to watch? Or have you moved on?     


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