‘American Idol’: Casey’s Wild Ride

Casey Abrams gets the shaft, then gets the save.

Casey Abrams (Shaggy Doo) rode a scary rollercoaster last night. A singer who had never been cast into the bottom three ghetto not only landed there, but was designated for elimination. (see video below) Shocking result since he has been a presumptive favorite.

But the ever-merciful judges stepped in and exercised their stay of execution. That was also a shocker because they only get one save per season and they used it before we even reached the Top Ten.

I’ll bet you dollars to donuts they regret that decision around the time the field has been narrowed to five and one of their favorites gets unexpectedly voted off by the public. (‘Sorry, Pia, we’re out of options.’)

Otherwise the night was too cute. I mean that. It was just way too cute.

I bow to no man in my abiding appreciation for Stevie Wonder but to bring out one of the greatest singers of the modern era to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to judge Steven Tyler? That’s like hiring Picasso to paint your closet.

The most startling moment of the night came when Ryan Seacrest introduced Jennifer Hudson as ‘our only Idol winner with an Oscar’.

Wow! Is that a whopper of distortion. Um, Ry, you do realize that Hudson finished in seventh place in season three? The only ‘Idol winner’ that year was Fantasia.

By the way, did you notice that after Hudson performed, her microphone stand, which she sang down into, was still taller than Seacrest?

Otherwise it was a pretty happy outing for Ryan. First he got to do some violent role-playing with a big strong man (Hulk Hogan). And then when Casey found out he had received a stay of execution, he stumbled as he fell to his knees and ended up with his face right in Seacrest’s nether regions.

If you’re keeping score at home, I went two for three in predicting the bottom dwellers.

What did you think? Is Casey worth saving? Or did the judges just delay the inevitable?  



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