American Idol: And Then There Were Nine

America has spoken. Thia Megia (left) and Naima Adedapo are no more.

I don’t know about you, but I get all warm and fuzzy inside when Ryan Seacrest praises us for doing our civic duty by getting out the ‘Idol’ vote.

Last night he practically beamed as he informed us that 55 million votes had been tabulated after Wednesday’s performance edition. A record, he assured us, for this point in the competition.

As a result, I’m walking a little taller this morning. We have gained Ryan’s approval.

What he didn’t mention is that more than half of that total can be traced to six girls at a boarding school outside Dubuque.

Naima and Thia were sent packing and Paul narrowly avoided dismissal. If you’re playing the home version, I predicted both ladies would be in the bottom three.

That was hardly a surprising result, but still a little disappointing. After the finalists performed in splinter groups last night, I found myself looking forward to the Pia and Thia Tour.

It struck me when Naima and Jacob teamed up for Ashford and Simpson’s ‘Solid’, that the producers had screwed up. Jacob’s voice was so much higher than Naima’s, he should have been singing the Valerie Simpson part.

More gender confusion: When season three winner Fantasia returned to the ‘Idol’ stage last night, I was convinced that was Chris Tucker in a gown.

The element of ‘Idol’ that has gotten way out of hand this season is the relentless overexaggeration of the talent. Last night, the show trumpeted ‘11 brilliant voices’.

The judges seem to be selling the Fox party line that every one of the contestants deserves to win this year, that every youngster in this competition has the potential to be a pop superstar.

Take a few deep breaths, ‘Idol’. You’re hyperventilating worse than Jacob Lusk. Yes, these kids can sing, but the finalists every year have a fair degree of vocal talent.

This batch is better than some, worse than others. No matter how much you build them up, most of them will be forgotten in a few years.

Heard from Justin Guarini or Diana DeGarmo lately?

After that travesty committed by Jamie Foxx and last night, as they pathetically promoted their cartoon movie ‘Rio’, some of these kids are probably already reconsidering a career in show biz. That nightmarish performance (see debacle, below) made sewer work look attractive.    




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