A first look at the new ‘All My Children’ (VIDEO)

Soap Operas Resurrected
The cast of "All My Children" is seen in an undated photo provided by Ferencomm for The Online Network. The Online Network (TOLN) announced Monday, March 11, 2013 the highly-anticipated online debuts of the beloved long-running serial dramas ìAll My Childrenî and ìOne Life to Liveî for Monday, April 29. Both soap operas were cancelled a little more than a year ago by ABC, which had broadcast them for decades. (AP Photo/Ferencomm for The Online Network)

Yesterday we talked about One Life to Live’s transformative return – to the internet anyway, starting April 29.

Today it’s time to take a look at OLTL’s younger sister, All My Children.

Here’s an extended trailer of the soap (which returns the same day with the same delivery system, meaning you can stream it or get it on Hulu or iTunes.).

Wow, does this bring back memories – and set up expectations. Opal, Jessie and Angie, the always agitating David. Even Brooke kissing Adam! Will wonder never cease?

Lots of young people too, acting out the traditional soap themes: romance and lies.

The red All My Children photo album may stay the same, but the look of Pine Valley is certainly different – more cinematic, modern and naturalistic, less set-bound.

Conspicuously absent: AMC’s longtime cynosure, Erica (La Lucci). And Dixie but no Tad?

Hey, don’t give up hope. If we can make our way back to Pine Valley, so can they.


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