Video: A juicy look at the final season of 'Dexter'

Showtime's hit series "Dexter" returns for its eighth and final season.

You just knew that Dexter Morgan, America’s favorite serial killer, was not going gentle into that good night. But as this two minute clip just released by Showtime hints, this could be a very rocky finish.

Warning: Before you watch the video in which Dexter (Michael C. Hall) tracks down Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) in a bodega, bear in mind that Deb hurls more f-bombs per sentence than anyone in TV history (with the possible exception of Al Swearingen on Deadwood). Does she seem strung out to you? Cause she’s cursing even more than usual.

Along with that electrifying two minute clip, the cable channel also announced a starting date for Dexter’s eighth and final season: Sunday, June 30.

Love you to pieces, Dex.


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