Watch Matthew Schuler and the other ‘Voice’ men rock out

Yardley, PA native Matthew Schuler on "The Voice."

“Now these fine ladies, they had a plan

They was out to meet the boys in the band

They said, 'Come on dudes, let's get it on!'

And we proceeded to tear that hotel down”

Yes, they broke out the old Grand Funk Railroad ripsnorter, “We’re An American Band” last night on The Voice. All eight of the men in the Top 12 jammed on the song.

Just to give you a little context as you watch this video: The first guy you see singing is Matthew Schuler, the West Chester University student. After tearing it up with “Hallelujah” on Monday night, Schuler has been installed as the favorite to win this season.

You can forget the next two guys you see follow Schuler: Jonny Gray and Josh Logan were eliminated at the end of the episode. We have our Top 10.

Everybody sing: “Up all night with Freddie King!”




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