Gotye vs. ‘Glee’ vs. 'Idol' singoff: Who won?

Glee has become really hit or miss. The plot, the jokes, the songs. But I can’t stop watching because when the show does get it right – and that happens at least once an episode – it’s breathtaking. So it was this week as White Collar’s Matt Bomer guest starred as Blaine’s conceited older brother Cooper. (Cooper Anderson, get it? I thought it was funny.)

Not a thrilling hour until that is the final musical number, a duet between the two brothers. Then, KAPOW, this thrilling cover of Gotye’s hit “Somebody That I Used to Know.”


Which was better: the glossy studio version on 'Glee', or Gotye's more vulnerable live version?

And just like that I’m officially in love with Glee again. For at least another week. Until they bring on Whoopi Ucky Goldberg.

Fast forward a few nights and you could see and hear the original artist perform his intoxicating song on Saturday Night Live. The Aussie singer’s chimey hit should be twee, but somehow it isn’t. In fact it’s incredibly emotional. Here’s Gotye's rendition of "Somebody That I Used to Know".


You can tell it’s live because the Kiwi singer Kimbra, who joins him on stage, is off-key for the first few bars.

So what’s the verdict? Which was better: the glossy studio version of Glee or Gotye's more vulnerable live version? I’m curious to see the results because I like them both so much.


Oops, one more late addition to the vote. An old TV Guide colleague (thanks, Ari) texted to remind me of another handsome duet of the song on TV this week: the one between Elise Testone and Phillip Phillips on American Idol. Here you have it.

It definitely deserves consideration. The polls are now open, people.

So tell me: Which show-stopping duet was best on Idol? Pick here.

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