‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Goodbye, Mr. Sulu


Well, this was certainly a convenient challenge: design window displays at Lord & Taylor for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line. Not only do you get to promote the ice princess’s business but the store is only a short stroll down 5th Avenue. Everybody wins.

Whoops. Not everybody. You would think the women’s team, headed this week by Dayana Mendoza, would have an obvious advantage in this struggle. In fact, you could argue that the men did a markedly better job. But after two weeks of dismissed ladies, gender balance demanded a gentleman's head.

And George Takei's orb was on the bloc.  Watch him accept his fate with dignity.


The clip is telling for a couple of reasons: the haste with which Arsenio threw Takei under the bus. And the cross-rip method of Trump’s rhetoric. “You know who else has the most respect for you, George? Donald Trump. George, you’re fired.” The Borg weren’t this cold.


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