‘Undercover Boss’ comes to Cherry Hill

Paul Quentel is the the president of Alfred Angelo, the country’s oldest and largest family-owned bridal company which is based in MontCo’s Fort Washington. He’s a pretty buttoned down guy.

Lee Jeffries is not.

They’re one in the same, which is the foundation for Friday’s Undercover Boss (8 p.m. on CBS3).

It was adventure for the executive to get all duded up as Lee.

“I don’t want to insult anybody, but it’s pretty cheesy,” Qunetel says of his makeover. “I’ve gotten a lot comments on what I look like from people who have seen the pictures. None of them are complimentary.”

But he had a blast going in to work disguised in four of the company’s 62 domestic retail stores.

The biggest eye opener was at the Alfred Angelo outlet on Rte. 70 in Cherry Hill where he hit the floor _ and the dressing room -- as a bridal stylist.

“The employees really showed me the works,” Quentel says. “Then they threw me to the wolves.” By which he means of course the brides.

“I’ve been in the stores and watched it many times but I’ve never measured a bride and put a gown on one,” he says. “It’s an incredibly hard job both physically – those gowns are pretty heavy – and psychologically. The bride is making an incredibly emotional decision in a high pressure setting. You have to draw out their tastes, figure out what they’re saying and what they’re not saying.”

If you're a groom, you might want to write that down.




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