Monday, April 20, 2015

See the mock trailer for 'True Detective' season 2 VIDEO

Jimmy Kimmel takes the wraps off the next installment of the acclaimed HBO show.

See the mock trailer for ‘True Detective’ season 2 VIDEO

Seth Rogan does "True Detective."
Seth Rogan does "True Detective."
Video: Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen in True Detective 2

Give the people what they want. Jimmy Kimmel is taping his late night show this week in Austin during the SXSW Festival. What better way to please the crowd than to give them a look at the 2nd season of True Detective and set it in right in Austin?

The stars? Well, Seth Rogen and Jimmy Kimmel don’t look a whole lot like Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson but they sure talk a lot like their cop characters did in the electrifying anthology series that wrapped up on Sunday night on HBO.

Well, there are two big differences. Rogen’s detective has a tendency to drift into reciting the lyrics of old pop songs. And Kimmel’s Texas accent goes in and out like a jittery groundhog.

And what is that Sixpence None the Richer song doing in there at the very end? Nothing in here makes very much sense and it’s all delightful.

By the way, that is Michael Potts, who played Detective Maynard Gilbough on the series, reprising his role as the interviewing officer.

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