Nicki Minaj on why she went off on Mariah

Nicki, Nicki Nicki. Did you see the second part of her special, My Truth, on E! last night? If you did, you’d know the hip hop queen’s life is so crazy busy, she should have her own channel, with cameras just following her around all day.

In this clip, the first few minutes are given over to her working with Lil Wayne at the Hit Factory studio in Miami. You’ll see some interesting older footage in which Weezy expresses his hurt for all the protégés he helped that forgot to give back.

Then about 3:30 into the segment, you’ll see Nicki talking about the big blow-up on the American Idol set and why she feels she was antagonized by Mariah Carey. But did she go gangster? You decide.

At the very end, there’s a tease of her letting off some steam at Barbara Walters who she felt played up the Idol feud controversy on The View without making any attempt to get her side of the story. Why? Because Nicki is merely “a little black girl who raps.”




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