‘SNL’ cast: Who’s staying; who’s going



A thousand young comic actors across the country, both male and female, immediately started taping audition reels for Lorne Michaels this week when US Magazine reported that Saturday Night Live’s biggest guns -- Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg – were bolting from the show at the end of this season.

Go ahead and put your best stuff together, kids. But mailing it off to 30 Rock may be a little premature. A representative for both Wiig and Sudeikis told the New York Daily News, “There is no truth to this rumor on both Jason and Kristen’s behalf.”

Personally, I didn’t even know Sudeikis was still on SNL. I thought he just showed up from time to time as a bonus player, like Darrell Hammond used to. But here he is shooting a number of promos with this week’s guest host Sofia Vergara of Modern Family.

Of course that still leaves Andy Samberg flying away from the nest. He will be sorely missed for his Digital Shorts. It proves how video-driven show business has become. Sudeikis and and even more so Wiig have film careers flourishing away from the show.

Samberg has his Lonely Island musical spoofs and pop put-ons. And he’s the hotter property.

Go figure.


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