Selling guns through Craigslist

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A reader had a question about last week’s trial of Thomas Coffee, who a Philadelphia jury found guilty of first-degree murder on Aug... Read more

Dove Hunt

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It didn’t take long. It was only Thursday, July 30, when the defense lawyer for accused Craigslist killer Thomas Coffee subpoenaed disgraced... Read more

Playing the K card

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The play sometimes gets rough in the courtroom and sometimes a lawyer's verbal shot lands south of the belt. Maybe that's what happened Wednesday... Read more

Guilty plea in Salvation Army collapse case?

It seems a guilty plea could be in the works for Sean Benschop, the operator of the excavator the morning of June 5, 2013 when an unsupported... Read more

When the pope's in town ...

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The question of whether convicted Catholic Church official Msgr. William J. Lynn could be in the audience when Pope Francis visits Philadelphia’s... Read more

When the Pope goes to prison ...

Word that Pope Francis will visit Philadelphia’s Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility when he is in the city Sept. 26-27 for the World... Read more

A boyfriend dead, another released

The justice system often resolves the unanswered questions when someone is charged with a crime. And some cases start out murky and just get... Read more

Gang dispute claims two more

The prosecutor called it a dispute between two groups of neighborhood kids that began in elementary school and just kept going. On Sept. 7... Read more