How the word 'porn' threatened to end Center City collapse trial

It was called the Forum Theatre and from 1975 until 2012 it was synonymous with porn: Philadelphia’s best-known and, ultimately, last... Read more

Jurors in Salvation Army collapse quick to point out problems

No two juries are alike. They are, after all, made up of human beings. Some are decisive; others wind up “hung” – unable... Read more

Tragedy compounded

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The expectant parents had already created a birth registry at several retailers for the baby expected to be born July 18. The girl was born... Read more

Ex-police dispatcher admits stealing War on Terror funds

The theft cost him his reputation and his job, but Pendarvis Williams will not be going to prison. The former 911 dispatcher for the Philadelphia... Read more

Boomers behind bars

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With U.S. “baby boomers” now in the 52 to 70 age range, it shouldn’t be surprising that there has been a graying of the nation’s... Read more

No retrial for cop in 'racial slur' incident

After 11 weeks in legal limbo, former Philadelphia Police Officer Edward Sawicki III is now able to try to remove the word “former”... Read more

June 5, 2013 plus 3

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“Closure” is the cliché used when talking about the families of victims of crime or tragedies. Talk to those families, however... Read more

Torture, sex-assault charges withdrawn when victim does not show

They were among Philadelphia’s most salacious recent arrests: three people charged with the New Year’s Eve torture and sexual assault... Read more