When the pope's in town ...

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The question of whether convicted Catholic Church official Msgr. William J. Lynn could be in the audience when Pope Francis visits Philadelphia’s... Read more

When the Pope goes to prison ...

Word that Pope Francis will visit Philadelphia’s Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility when he is in the city Sept. 26-27 for the World... Read more

A boyfriend dead, another released

The justice system often resolves the unanswered questions when someone is charged with a crime. And some cases start out murky and just get... Read more

Gang dispute claims two more

The prosecutor called it a dispute between two groups of neighborhood kids that began in elementary school and just kept going. On Sept. 7... Read more

Msgr. Lynn's wait continues

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It’s been three weeks since Msgr. William J. Lynn was sent back to prison after the state Supreme Court reinstated his 2012 conviction... Read more


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The recent report about inaccurate and erroneous testimony by FBI hair analysts – in 96 percent of cases – continues to draw public... Read more

Pleading guilty?

It looks like Christopher Murray, the Northeast man charged with strangling his wife last Aug. 5 along the edge of Pennypack Park, will be... Read more

A lawyer's dilemma

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You’ve probably heard of lawyer-client privilege: a lawyer is ethically prohibited from disclosing information learned from a client... Read more