It's Comcast over Ticketmaster in 'worst company' poll

No time for a long post today, but since I mentioned Consumerist's "Worst Company in America" championship round in a blog post last week, I thought I'd bring you up to date:  Comcast outlasted Ticketmaster, 5,469 to 3,787.


Significance? Probably not much. But you can be the judge.

Meanwhile, I should also mention my colleague Bob Fernandez's great piece on how the NBC show 30 Rock may be testing the limits of Comcast's sense of humor.

Consumerist is, too, as its pre-championship posting demonstrated:

Hide your children and gird your loins, because just like The Highlander, there can be only one. From the depths of the stinking swamps of mergepocalypse, come our two ignoble contenders. First, the dread pirate Comcast, known throughout the land for gobbling up all companies that are foolish enough to sail through its treacherous waters. Second, Ticketmaster, Lord of Tickets, Duke of fees, Master of... tickets. After forming an unholy alliance with LiveNation, Lord Ticketmaster has united the forces of darkness in a quest to force all people of this good land to pay $2.50 for the use of their own printers.

Kabletown might have taken them both.