'Good luck and bon vonage!' Oops

The hilarious mysteries of "auto correct," this time on the iPhone and its sister Apple products, have spawned a wonderful website full of screen shots: Damn You Auto Correct.

Be warned - some of them are unintentionally obscene or otherwise potentially offensive. If you're not bothered by such things, that's part of the fun. If you are, you should probably stay away.

Many of them make you wonder about the underlying algorithms.  I tried unsuccessfully to re-create the "Bon Vonage" typo on my iPhone, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.  The first time I tried, "Bon" became "Von" - um, is one of them actually more English than the other? The second time, "Bon" became "Bob," raising the question of whether it learned from my initial rejection of Von. The third time it became "Non."

Still, "Vonage" never popped up except when I typed  I typed v-o-n-a-g-e. Some of these, funny as they are, may just be users' typos - which, as any writer knows, can occasionally cause editors to die laughing.