Biggest ripoff at the ballpark?

I was listening to Angelo Cataldi at WIP yesterday morning, and in the snippet I heard, he asked the intriguing question: What's the biggest ripoff at Citizens Bank Park?

I wasn't in the car long enough to hear any answers, or to say whether he was riffing on the Daily News' more extensive (and serious) Philly Fan Project.  But I liked his question enough to pass it along here. Sports stadiums are notorious for this stuff, and we all love the Phillies. But that shouldn't let anybody off the hook for squeezing fans just a little too hard.

My nominees:

  • Paying $4 for a bottle of water, especially on a sweltering summer afternoon.
  • Paying $15 to park. Weren't those same lots $11 last year?
  • Paying $40 to watch Kyle Kendrick pitch - though after Wednesday night's gem, maybe I'd better take that one back.