3 baby strollers to avoid

Consumer Reports warned yesterday that three strollers failed a key safety test because they pose a risk of "submarining" injuries: Basically, the design of each stroller's grab bar allows a child's torso to pass through but not the head.   If that happens, the child's head can get stuck, risking serious injury or death. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reports of at least 10 infant deaths associated with submarining since 1995, CR says.

The three strollers that CR designated as "Don't Buy: Safety Risk" are the Valco Baby Tri-Mode and the Tike Tech City X3, which are both all-terrain strollers, and the Tike Tech X3 Sport jogging stroller. The magazine said all three failed to meet a voluntary safety standard set by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

You can read more about CR's findings here.

Auto safety gets a lot more attention, especially in the era of runaway Toyotas, but there's nothing more senseless than a death linked to an unsafe baby product: a device that's supposed to help parents keep their babies and infants safe. (I reported recently on one horrible suffocation death that occurred last year in Philadelphia in a bag-type infant sling - a product that does not yet have even a voluntary safety standard. To see the CPSC's warning about such slings, click here.)