Comcast puts Google on alert over ad crisis

Amidst Google's global ad crisis, Comcast Corp. says it's considering its options.

An advertiser boycott has erupted after the London Times reported that some ads were running on YouTube videos that promoted terrorism or anti-Semitism. Google owns YouTube.

Fearful for their brands, some of the biggest corporate names — Verizon, AT&T, and Johnson & Johnson — have pulled back on Google advertising. Google has the potential to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising and has said it will implement new tools and policies regarding ad placements.

Comcast said Friday it hasn't pulled back on Google ads, but it might.

"We take this story very seriously and are not aware of any instances where our advertising has run adjacent to such content," Comcast spokesman John Demming said in a statement. "We are actively reviewing Google's policy changes and brand safety tools, and we have expressed our concerns to Google about its current level of protection. We may take additional steps as our review continues."