PhillyClout Archive: November, 2008

Longtime Local Democratic Party Official Carol Campbell Dies

UPDATED WITH NEW INFORMATION: Carol Ann Campbell, a legendary force in the local Democratic Party, has passed away. She died around midday... Read more

Councilman Rizzo Threatens to Vote Against Budget Legislation

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Councilman Frank Rizzo just suggested that Council hold all the legislation until they get all of the city’s research. He also said he... Read more

Council Debates Budget Cuts

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It’s getting a little hot up in City Council chambers. Council is currently holding a hearing on the Nutter administration’s plans... Read more

Nutter Keeps Pushing for Federal Aid

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Mayor Nutter says he’s continuing with his effort to seek federal aid for cities. Last week he traveled to DC to deliver a letter –... Read more

Wednesday -- Ex-Mayor Street to talk Taxes Tonight

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Philly mourns Sgt. Timothy Simpson, the fifth cop killed this year. Details on the previous police deaths. And the back-story on the career criminal... Read more

Many Cut Libraries are in High Crime Police Districts

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We just got back from a PhillyStat data session which featured a presentation on the city's plan to shut 11 of 54 libraries as part of the extensive... Read more

Nutter's Statement on Fallen Cop

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Mayor Nutter's press office just put this out: MAYOR'S OFFICE OF COMMUNICATIONS Tuesday, November 18, 2008 ... Read more

Philebrity to hold X-Mas Pageant for Libraries

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Local website Philebrity just posted plans to hold a Christmas Pageant on Dec. 26 to benefit the Philly Libraries. As you know, 11 of the city's... Read more