Women's issues big in this election, but men are writing the stories

Appealing to women voters has been a key theme of this presidential race. But who are the journalists writing those stories?

Last night at the Republican National Convention, Ann Romney tried to sell her husband Mitt as a presidential candidate to women, noting his devotion to his family and support during her battles with illness. The GOP has more women speakers lined up, including former Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice tonight, as they try to pitch to women that their economic policies will be better for women and families.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have been hammering the Republicans on issues like abortion rights and access to contraception, hoping to gain an advantage among undecided women. Yesterday, here in Philly, Actress Tatyana Ali, Councilwoman Marian Tasco and others gathered at the Pennsylvania Democratic Party headquarters to kick off what they’re calling the “Romney-Ryan: Wrong for Women” week.

But here’s an interesting wrinkle in this conversation that was raised on the website 4thestate.net – the vast majority of the coverage of this race was written male reporters. Since April 15, the site reports that 72.1% of articles written about the election were penned by men and just 27.9% by women.

The 4th Estate Project is partnered with the Women's Media Center, which aims to shed light on gender inequality in the media. To read more, head over to the post here.