Wire Creator and Mayor Nutter to talk Urban Policy in Princeton

We just saw this on the Princeton University news page. Mayor Nutter and David Simon, creator of the HBO TV show "The Wire", will participate in an urban policy discussion at the university on Thursday.

As you may know, Nutter is a huge fan of the gritty drama set Baltimore. He hosted a screening of the final episode at City Hall earlier this year. And in Philadelphia currently, life is imitating art. During the final season of the wire, Mayor Carcetti grapples with crippling budget problems. Sound familiar?

Nutter said he was looking forward to the discussion. "'The Wire', I think has had an impact on America," he said.

On how the city fiscal problems on the show resemble Philly's budget problems, he said: "It's certainly interesting how these wheels turn around and life does imitate art....David Simon may have some ideas."

Apparently, Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon was not invited.