Williams Says He'll Announce If He's Running For Mayor Next Week

State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams today said he'll announce next week what his plans are regarding the 2011 mayor's race. Before a City Hall press conference this morning, Williams said he had been talking with folks around the city about what to do -- and contemplating what his late father, the state Sen. Hardy Williams, would advise.

"I've thought about that a lot," Williams said. "He'd want me to honor what is right for the public interest, rather than political gain."

Mayor Nutter last month said that he expected to have Williams support for his re-election bid. Williams said he has told Nutter that he's considering what to do.

"I've said that my endorsing anybody would be in the context of me completing [a review]," Williams said.

If Williams does get into the race, he'll have to start fundraising fast. Mayor Nutter had $1.25 million in the bank through the end of 2010 and threw a big ticket fundraiser this week. Williams said he was confident he could get the necessary support.