Will City Workers Attend Budget Rally?

We just got a copy of an email Library Director Siobhan Reardon sent yesterday to library staffers about today's budget rally at 2 p.m.*

PhillyClout wonders if workers citywide are getting the same message? And will they have to use personal time if they choose to attend or will they be on the clock? You may recall that last year before the Phillies Parade, Managing Director Camille Barnett instructed workers that they had to take personal time to attend the parade.

We've asked the press office these questions and will update when we get more info. Here's Reardon's note:

Dear all:

This is a head-up that the Mayor will be hosting a rally/press announcement tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. which is designed to encourage State lawmakers to get serious about resolving their budget impasse. The message will include dramatic impacts on all city departments if there is further delay.

We will be sending Boards members and community advocates to attend this rally. The mayor needs everybody to come and stand up for the City.

UPDATE: We just talked to the mayor's press office. They said Reardon wanted her staff to know about the event because the potential budget cuts could devastate the library system. But they said workers who attend the rally must get approval from their supervisors and do it on their own time.

* CORRECTION: The original version -- and headline -- of this post said that Reardon was urging workers to attend today's budget rally. Sandra Horrocks, of the Free Library, says that the email was simply to inform workers of the rally, rather than encourage them to attend. She also stressed that no libraries were closed today and no workers left their posts to attend the rally. PhillyClout apologizes for the confusion.