Where Were Council Members Who Missed Budget Briefing?

Four City Council members didn’t make it to the mayor’s budget briefing yesterday, where the 10, 20, 30 percent budget cut scenarios were presented for the first time. Council members Frank Rizzo, Blondell Reynolds Brown, Jack Kelly and Joan Krajewski were all no-shows.

So PhillyClout called them up today to find out why they didn’t attend.

Kelly was tied up with meetings as well as a viewing, said his acting Chief of Staff John Cerrone. No one from the office attended in Kelly’s place, but Cerrone stressed that Kelly has received briefing data, which he is reviewing.

Krajewski also could not attend due to a viewing – like Kelly, the viewing for Howard Conway, a Mayfair resident whose son is a deputy managing director – said aide Patty-Pat Kozlowski. She did not send a staffer in her place.

Rizzo told us that he had prior commitments and didn’t know Nutter was personally running the briefing, but he sent a staffer.

“My guy was there and I got a full report on the whole thing,” Rizzo said.

And Reynolds Brown said she “an unavoidable personal matter that could not be attended to by nobody but me.” But she too, sent a staffer, and said she plans to attend some of the community budget workshops.