Where was Johnson after water main break? Administration says invite came late

During the summer we like to stay on top of what your City Council members are up to.

And so when Mayor Nutter held a news conference the day after a massive water main break in Southwest Center City nearly two weeks ago, we wondered why City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson was not there beside him.

Getting a response from Johnson’s office turned out to be more of a headache than what it was worth.

Johnson did not speak to us directly, but his office issued this statement: “Upon arrival back to Philadelphia I convened my staff to formulate a strategy to communicate directly with the affected residents. I circulated a community alert, which went out door to door to residents in the area.”

His staff said the Councilman was out of town for a family matter, but no details were disclosed regarding his return.

We then asked the administration what happened.

“There was a miscommunication in our office and the Councilman was invited late to the press conference on July 23rd. However, he was invited,” said Katie Martin, Nutter’s deputy press secretary.

Seems simple enough so why the hassle? We’re still not sure.

Earlier this week, Johnson hosted a walking tour with Nutter and Water Commissioner Howard Neukrug to speak to impacted residents.

“The bottom line is we are addressing the needs and concerns of our constituency,” Johnson said.

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