Where is Marge Tartaglione going next? Disney World!

For months we’ve been wondering what’s next for longtime City Commissioner Marge Tartaglione, who was defeated in the Democratic primary election after 36 years in office.

Today we found out that her next move involves Mickey Mouse ears.

“Travel, I guess,” Tartaglione told us after her first Commissioners meeting since the election when we asked about her plans. “I promised my great-granddaughter I’d take her to Disney World.”

The tough-talking great-grandmother lost her bid for a 10th term back in May. The two spots on the Democratic ticket for the general election were seized by Center City ward leader Stephanie Singer, who aggressively campaigned against Tartaglione, and incumbent Commissioner Anthony Clark.

Singer was at today’s City Commissioners meeting, standing quietly in a corner. Tartaglione made several pointed statements praising her staff and operation, likely for Singer’s benefit.

Singer hammered Tartaglione for her participation in the controversial Deferred Retirement Option Plan, which paid her $288,000 in early 2008. Tartaglione benefitted from a City Solicitor’s opinion, which said she could “retire” for a day to collect the perk and then return to office for another term.