Wednesday's DN: Obama Hits Schools, Turns To Health Care

The Daily News takes a look at the health care debate, asking if the controversial issue will shape the presidency of Barack Obama the way Sept. 11, 2001 shaped the presidency of George W. Bush.  John Baer says Obama must reassert himself in a speech tonight to a joint session of Congress as "an honest agent of change."

The new school year started for the Philadelphia School District with two new schools and a speech by Obama on how students should shape their own futures.  Ronnie Polaneczky reads between the lines of the president's speech to students for the socialist indoctrination predicted by leaders of the Republican Party.

And the melodrama that is the city's fiscal year 2010 budget woes in Harrisburg enters its 127th chapter with Mayor Nutter again threatening massive layoffs and big-time service cuts while the state General Assembly can't reach agreement on legislation that would prevent all that.