Wednesday roundup

Lots of coverage of Nutter calling for a review of police shootings. The Daily News and Inquirer both have stories.

As we told you yesterday, Nutter is scheduled to be in DC today for the US Conference of Mayors.

Blog Image 278522 - Lucey
Nutter and Police Commissioner Ramsey

From the department of depressing news The Pew Charitable Trusts released a report this morning on the cost of Philly's employee benefits. It's pretty dire, basically saying that the cost of benefits is growing so fast that if the city doesn't do something it could soon have difficulty paying for basic services. It may be a new day, but Nutter's stuck with the old problems...

And in unrelated political news, Governor Rendell will be endorsing Hillary Clinton this afternoon in City Hall. A longtime pal of the Clintons, we hear Rendell had been under a lot of pressure to make an endorsment early. Even though Pennsylvania isn't a major primary state, he does have some serious fundraising prowess.