Veteran city attorney considering run for City Controller

We noted today that an attorney who just left the city Law Department is exploring a run for City Controller in the 2013 Democratic primary election.  Turns out, he's not alone.  Mark Zecca, an attorney with 20 years of city service, is leaving the Law Department on Oct. 31 and forming an exploratory committee to consider getting in the race.

Zecca sounds likely to run, which could mean at least four candidates in the primary. Incumbent Alan Butkovitz is seeking a third term.  Brett Mandel, who ran in 2009, is again a candidate.  And former Law Department attorney Michael Williams is considering a run.

"What anyone else does or doesn't do has absolutely no effect on my plans," he said. "I can't think of any reason why that exploration wouldn't turn into a run."

Zecca has handled for the Law Department litigation involving casino applicants, defended the city's campaign finance regulation legislation and defended the city's attempts to regulate lost and stolen guns.  "I've basically been a trouble-shooter for 20 years," Zecca said.

Zecca also served two years in the District Attorney's Office in the 1970s and 15 years working for the federal government in Washington, D.C.