VP Biden Touring UPenn, Sees Long-Term Plans For Campus

PhillyClout's Catherine Lucey reports that Vice President Joe Biden's Philly visit kicked off this morning with a tour of the operations control center at the University of Pennsylvania. He's here for the first session of his middle class task force, which will focus on green job creation.

Biden, joined by Governor Rendell, Mayor Nutter as well as local congressman and members of the cabinet, was first shown a model of Penn's plans to convert wasteland on the eastern edge of campus into athletic fields and park space.

"Where will the squash courts go?" asked avid squash player Sen. Arlen Specter.

Later, during a tour of the school's control room for heating and cooling campus facilities, Biden noted Specter's role in passing the $787 stimulus bill.

At that, US Rep. Chaka Fattah quipped: "He's the secretary of the stimulus."