Update: Fumo condition

Here's Baer's account:

Sen. Vince Fumo collapsed on the Senate floor around 5 p.m. Thursday and was taken to a Harrisburg hospital for evaluation.

His spokesman, Gary Tuma, said the senator, who has a history of heart problems, appears to be alright and even initially resisted suggestions he be taken to the hospital.

"He experienced a light-headedness, a little dizziness," Tuma said, but never lost consciousness and had no chest pain.

Fumo was in private conversation with fellow-Philly Sen. Vince Hughes in the front of the Senate chamber, Tuma said, and not addressing the full Senate.

Tuma said it was unclear whether Fumo will be held in the hospital overnight or return to the Senate, which was in session last evening and plans to work through the weekend in efforts to meet the state's July 1 budget deadline.

Fumo, 65, suffered a heart attack March 2 and has had heart health issues dating back to 1977. He has been heavily involved in ongoing budget negotiations and related meetings. Tuma said Fumo has shown no signs of fatigue or ill health.

The senator, said Tuma, was conversant and in good spirits when he left the capitol in a wheelchair.

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