Uhuru candidate protests Fox29, wants into mayoral debate

Diop Olugbala, a.k.a Wali Rahman, just wrapped up a protest outside Fox29's television studios on Market Street.  Olugbala, a member of the International Peoples' Democratic Uhuru Movement, is on the Nov. 8 general election ballot as an independent candidate for mayor.  He wants to participate in the debate Fox29 will tape Tuesday to air on Friday.

Olugbala says Fox29 has not responded to his request.  He added that the station sent out a security guard to greet his protest. The guard gave Olugbala some phone numbers he could call to contact station officials.

"I represent an entirely different kind of politics that needs to be heard," Olugbala told us.

Getting into the debate isn't the only fight on Olugbala's hands this week.  He circulated nominating petitions using his legal name, Wali Rahman, but asked a Common Pleas Court judge to issue an order changing that to Olugbala on the ballot.  That request was denied last week and again this week.  Olugbala said he may appeal.

Olugbala was arrested in March 2009 for scuffling with police while protesting at a budget address in City Council's chambers by Mayor Nutter.  He was sentenced in October to two years on probation and anger management classes.

UPDATE, 2:50 pm: A Fox spokeswoman in New York just emailed us this statement: “Diop Olugbala will not be a part of FOX 29's mayoral debate.”