U.S. Senate Race Adds Libertarian & Green Candidates

Today is the deadline for third-party and independent candidates to file for the Nov. 2 General Election.  Libertarian Party candidate Douglas Jamison was added to the ballot for the U.S. Senate on Friday.  Green Party candidate Mel Packer was briefly rejected by the Department of State today for not having enough signatures on his nominating ballots but came back with more and is now on the ballot.

Jamison, an engineer from Venetia, Pa., is running on a platform that calls for a strong national defense, cutting spending to pay down debt, requiring Senators to take a 50 percent pay cut and fixing Medicare and Social Security.

Packer, a physician assistant from Pittsburgh, is running on a platform that calls for universal health care, ending all wars, abolishing nuclear weapons, massive cuts in military budgets and the end to military aid to other nations.