Two More Council Members Take Pay Cut

Two more members of City Council -- W. Wilson Goode Jr. and Joan Krajewski -- today decided to join six of their colleagues and take a voluntary pay cut to help ease the budget gap. (Hat tip to Heard in the Hall, who first reported this today.)

Goode insists he was not influenced by today's Daily News editorial, which printed a "Rogues Gallery" of council members who hadn't taken a cut. He noted that he had already cut about 20 percent out of his office budget, but said he didn't mind taking a personal pay cut.

"I don’t want there to be any confusion about the fact that I’m ready to do what needs to be done," Goode said.

A staffer in Krajewski's office confirmed that the councilwoman was taking the cut. Krajewski could not be reached for comment.

Council members Anna Verna, Marian Tasco, Frank DiCicco, Jim Kenney, Bill Green, and Curtis Jones Jr. have also agreed to the pay reduction, which will be done by donating five percent of their salaries to the city because wages for elected officials can't be altered mid-term.