Tuesday's DN: Obama & Romney meet undecided voters

President Obama and Mitt Romney will face off Tuesday evening for the second of three presidential debates.  In this event, the candidates will answer questions directly posed by undecided voters.  The Daily News is looking for undecided voters to come watch the debate at the newspaper's offices at 8th and Market streets in Center City.

Tom Smith, the former coal company owner from Armstrong county, has invested $16.5 million of his fortune into defeating U.S. Sen. Bob Casey Jr.'s bid for a second term.

Philadelphia's City Council chambers were an occasionally wild place where fisticuffs and other hijinks took place.  Does Council still need sergeant-at-arms to keep the peace.

U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick is winning the money race in the 8th Congressional District against his Democratic opponent, Kathy Boockvar.