Tuesday update

All I can say today is if I'm exhausted -- too exhausted to watch the latest Wire epsidoe On Demand last night -- I don't know how Michael Nutter is surviving. But anyway, here's the latest from today's papers. 

Nutter is planning to appoint a 30 member commission to look at diversity in the building trades. But Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr. thinks the effort is a cop out.

Lori Schorr was finally officially appointed chief education officer yesterday. And new Commerce Director Andy Altman and Managing Director Camille Barnett were sworn in. During her remarks, Barnett pledged to set up a 311 system soon.

But here's some much more exciting news! The Inquirer reports today that union leader John Dougherty has been circulating petitions for a possible run against embattled State Sen. Vince Fumo.

Fumo, of course, is set to go to trial on corruption charges in September. Those two are longtime enemies, so it would be one hell of a drudge match.