Top Nutter Aide Resigns

Top mayoral aide Julia Chapman today announced she was leaving the Nutter administration.

Today was the last day for Chapman, who serves as Nutter’s legislative director. A press release put out after 6 p.m. did not detail her reasons for leaving or her future plans.

“I have worked side-by-side with Julia for the vast majority of my political career and her advice and support over these years has been invaluable to me personally, and to the City of Philadelphia,” said Mayor Nutter in a press release. “Julia’s hard work, intellect and support have been critical to any legislative success I’ve experienced for more than a decade.”

A longtime aide to Nutter, Chapman previously served as Nutter's chief of staff when he was a Councilman, a position she held for 11 years. As legislative director she had an annual salary of $137,042 this year.

But Chapman had some detractors in City Hall. Political insiders said her relationships with Council members had been strained and attributed some of Mayor Nutter's problems with Council to Chapman's management style.

Nutter’s spokesman Doug Oliver praised Chapman’s contributions.

“We’ve appreciated her service to the administration and her service to the city. She’s been a longtime staffer of the mayor and a friend,” Oliver said. “And other people’s criticisms notwithstanding, we hate to see her go.”

A replacement for Chapman was not immediately named.