Toomey Embraces Giuliani's Endorsement But Not Palin's

Former U.S. Rep. Pat Toomey, the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, is touting today an endorsement planned for tomorrow by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in Blue Bell.  That's interesting, considering how little enthusiasm Toomey showed this week for an endorsement from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a political powerhouse with the Tea Party cohort of the Republican Party.

Toomey's campaign, which didn't announce the kind words from Palin, just issued this release about a "major endorsement" from Giuliani: "Pat has long been an admirer of Mayor Giuliani’s successful turnaround of New York City and his efforts to cut taxes and hold spending down. Writing in 2007, Pat praised then-presidential candidate Giuliani, saying: 'Despite powerful local obstacles, Giuliani was able to significantly cut taxes; hold spending increases down below the rates of inflation and population growth; overhaul the welfare system; deregulate and privatize many local government services; and join the fight for school choice. These accomplishments played a crucial role in transforming New York City from an economic basket case into a thriving economy.' "

Compare that to how Toomey responded in last night's debate to a question about Palin from George Stephanopoulos of ABC NEWS:

Stephanopoulos:  Sarah Palin has really stepped her activity-- this year. Just yesterday, she put out a notice-- an endorsement on state on-- Facebook, asking Pennsylvania voters to get behind-- you. The Democratic Party sent out a statement saying that shows that you have more in common with Republican extremists than the voters of Pennsylvania. It’s a two part question. What do you make of her role in this campaign? And do you think she’s qualified to be President?

Toomey:  Well, George-- you know, I’m very grateful for the support that I have from people all across the political spectrum. Republicans, Independents, Democrats. I welcome the-- endorsements that I’ve had from high-profile-- candidates and political figures and ordinary folks that I meet every day.

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