Today is the Last Day To Register To Vote

Today is the deadline to register to vote. Here's a press release from the Committee of Seventy on what to do:



PHILADELPHIA – April 12, 2010 – The Committee of Seventy, urges all media outlets to disseminate the following information about registering to vote in Pennsylvania’s May 18, 2010 Primary Election:

WHEN: The deadline to register for the May 2010 Primary Election in Pennsylvania is today, Monday, April 19, 2010. This means that completed registration forms must be received by the county voter registration office or postmarked by today, April 19, 2010.

WHO: An individual who has been a citizen of the United States for at least one month before May 18th, has been a resident of Pennsylvania and his or her election district for at least 30 days before May 18th and is at least 18 years old on May 18th can register to vote in the May 18, 2010 Primary Election.

Voters who are not registered with a political party, but who wish to vote for Democratic or Republican candidates on May 18th, must register with the political party whose candidates they wish to vote for by the April 19th deadline. Unaffiliated voters and those registered with minor parties may only vote on the ballot questions on May 18th.

Voters who have moved or changed their name since the last time they voted should also re-register.

WHERE: Voter registration applications are available at County Boards of Elections (contact information below), post offices, state liquor stores and free library branches. Downloadable forms are available at and

Completed voter registration applications can by sent by mail, or submitted in person, to the voter’s County Board of Elections where the voter resides.

Voters can also register in person at the following locations:


· PennDOT photo license centers.

· State offices that provide public assistance and services to persons with disabilities.

· Armed Forces Recruitment Centers.

· County Clerk of Orphans' Court offices, including Marriage License Bureaus.

· Area Agencies on the Aging.

· Centers for Independent Living.

· County Mental Health and Mental Retardation offices.

· Student disability services offices of the State System of Higher Education.

· Offices of Special Education.

· ADA Complementary Paratransit offices


APPEAL: Voters whose voter registration applications are rejected may file an appeal petition with their County Board of Elections no later than 5:00 pm on May 5, 2010. Voters who have doubts about whether or not they are properly registered should call their County Board of Elections.