If you don't work for one of the local political candidates -- or aren't required to document their comings and goings like (cough) we are -- you might not realize that tomorrow is election day.

Excuse me. Did you even read that lead? TOMORROW IS ELECTION DAY PEOPLE!

Unless you missed Game of Thrones last night and need to catch up tonight, you might want to do some homework to make sure you're mildly confident when you walk into that voting booth tomorrow.

You could check out The Next Mayor page -- it's like the Avengers of news organization team-ups, featuring the Daily News, Inquirer, Philly.com, Newsworks, The Notebook, Temple University and others -- for anything and everything you could ever want to know about each of the mayoral candidates.

If you're interested in the roughly 4,000 people running for City Council, Wendy Ruderman and Mensah Dean have you covered.

Not enough? Fine. Go check out the site that the California-based company Crowdpac set up just for Philly's election.

Staggering amount of info on all of the candidates who are running for office -- even the judicial candidates, who have mostly escaped media coverage. Well, except for Billy Ciancaglini, of course.