Thursday Update: Nutter To Slash City Budget Today

Mayor Nutter briefed City Council yesterday on budget cuts that he will unveil today at noon in a live television broadcast.  City Controller Alan Butkovitz suggested a way for the city to pick up about $6 million.

State House Democrats, adding to their majority in Tuesday's election, now consider who will lead that legislative body.

Dave Davies deconstructs the media frenzy that surrounded a couple of self-proclaimed New Black Panther Party members who decided to provide "security" for a North Philadelphia polling place Tuesday.

John Baer examines U.S. Sen. Bob Casey's relationship with the president-elect.

Common Pleas Court Judge Gary Di Vito held a hearing this morning to consider a request from the Daily News and Inquirer to prevent Nutter from holding private briefings for City Council when a quorum is present.  Di Vito has not ruled on the request, which cites the state's open meeting law, also known as the "Sunshine Act."  Chris Casey, an attorney for the newspapers, said if Council and the mayor can meet behind close doors and the public has no way to find out about it, "They have eviscerated the Sunshine Act."