The Mayor Of Girard Ave. Wants To Know...Casinos

“I know what you’re going through with this casino thing or gambling thing. You want everything to be right. You don’t want anyone to be victimized. And I know you go out of your way to stress that. But my thing is: We need the jobs. And I don’t see where the Gallery is near Chinatown. And explain it to me if I’m wrong. And I don’t want to say nothing wrong. But it’s like, we see that, like, we have, especially in African-American communities have looked at many businesses that are Chinese in our community. And it’s like, dag, you want to tell me that you don’t support us and our people getting some work at a time when we’re poor? Not just African-Americans. Poor people. We need the jobs. You are doing alright. Chinatown is alright. You are kicking us to the curb?”

The Mayor of Girard Avenue Wants To Know – an occasional PhillyClout feature quoting verbatim the questions asked at Mayor Nutter’s City Hall press conferences by Toby Rich of The Scoop. Rich, the self-described Mayor of Girard Avenue, often shouts out the first question for Nutter.