The Great RNC Press Credential Seizure Mystery

Here's a dispatch from PhillyClout contributor Dave Davies:

When St. Paul police arrested Philadelphia Associated Press photographer Matt Rourke as he shot pictures of protesters Monday, they ignored the credentials around his neck and his pleas that he was a journalist. But at least Rourke fared better than Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous, whose credentials were confiscated after they were arrested.
Rourke said that after he was handcuffed and waiting to be transported to jail, he convinced police to allow him to hand his camera and credentials to nearby AP colleagues for safekeeping. But Goodman and Kouddous said while they were cuffed, a non-uniformed man among the police approached them and took the credentials from their necks, saying they wouldn’t need them any more.
The man refused to identify himself, but Kouddous said a police officer told him, “I think he’s secret service.” Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said yesterday his agency had nothing to do with the arrests and didn’t take anyone’s credentials.