Tayoun, Out Of Hospital, Explains Clout Mix-Up

PhillyClout sends warm wishes for a speedy recovery to Jimmy Tayoun, the South Philly sports writer turned politician turned newspaper publisher who was released from the hospital Thursday evening after a bout of pneumonia.

We told you Friday about how Thursday's weekly edition of Tayoun's Public Record included what looked like a cut-and-paste lifting of an item from the Feb. 18 Daily News Clout column regarding John Feathermen, the Republican running for mayor without the support of the local GOP leadership.

Tayoun explains that he gathers together relevant information for his "Pols on the Street" column and edits it for publication.  But the Clout column was printed in its entirety, he said, because he was in the hospital at the time.

"We owe you an apology," Tayoun said. "We’re going to give you some well deserved credit."

Apology accepted.  Get well soon Jimmy.