Tasco calls bull on administration

Councilwoman Marian Tasco on Tuesday literally called “bulls---” on the administration’s explanation for why a rec center in her district was delayed last year.

Tasco last week accused Mayor Nutter’s administration of delaying a planned $3.5 million renovation at Oak Lane’s Sturgis Recreation Center because she opposed an issue related to Nutter’s plan to sell the Philadelphia Gas Works. Nutter’s spokesman, Mark McDonald, said the delay happened because the administration was focused on “other pressing issues.”

“What was the priority over Sturgis? There was nothing wrong with that project. The money was there. There was no question,” Tasco on Tuesday asked Nutter’s chief of staff, Everett Gillison, during a lengthy exchange.

“The only thing I would differ with you on-” Gillison said.

“Just stop cause all of that is bulls---,” Tasco interrupted.

Gillison maintained throughout the interrogation that Tasco’s project was not singled out for political reasons and that many capital projects get delayed.

“All those decisions come through the Mayor’s Office, they come through me working on behalf of the mayor. Your project was one of many projects,” Gillison said.

Tasco chairs the PGW commission and voted in January to oppose a measure in which the utility paid for communications and lobbying fees related to the possible sale. Tasco wanted the city to pay for it, but Nutter wanted PGW to pick up the tab.

The mayor won in the end, with a majority of the commission voting for Nutter's plan and Tasco dissenting.